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January 11, 2013

Double Box Tail Paper Airplane

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boxtail describes a new concept in aircraft:  the double box tail.  I looked at the test flights of the model, and thought the Barnaby platform could be so modified.  Starting with a legal size sheet of paper it was possible to make a double box tail aircraft.   The winglets are an extension of the wing and have two folds.  The upper surfaces are single thickness (no leading edge thickening with rolled up paper like the wing) and are stiffened by a longitudinal fold for the elevator effect.  They are cut at an angle to meet the upper rear edge of the winglets.   A bit of tape top and bottom attaches the tails to the winglets. This version has too much surface area, which results in a high sink rate, but it flies in circles and returns to the hand.  The upper surfaces are truly tails, with the rear edges deflected up like an elevator.



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