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Blended Winglets on paper airplane « Howard Fink — My Paper Airplanes

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March 31, 2010

Blended Winglets on paper airplane

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The tapered wings mentioned in the spiroid posts lends itself perfectly to blended winglets.  http://www.airportjournals.com/Photos/0212/X/0212004_2.jpg

The lack of sharp corners and thin tapered wings reduces both induced and parasitic drag.  This plane stays up.

First flight test:  I was able to fly figure-eights and have the plane return to my hand.  “Wow!  Good job!” from a passerby.  Launches into the wind gain about twenty to thirty feet of altitude; the plane  holds the wind well, flies steady and straight into the wind  and flies very fast downwind.  Plane recovers nicely from building hits.  Dihedral should be a little more than in the picture above.

I’ve tried two versions of the blended winglet:  taper in front and taper in back, and the taper in back, straight-up front flies better.

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